Resource List

This section displays a collection of resources on LGBT+ history, criminal offences and convictions, and the quest for justice.

Diverse Communities: The Evolution of Lesbian and Gay Politics by Kieran Rose.

The campaign for gay law reform and a manifesto for further change on equality, anti-poverty and international solidarity on LGB rights.

Publication Date: 1994

The Struggle: GCN article on the policing of same-sex relationships by the new Irish Free State, 100 years ago.

Publication Date: October 2021

Poverty: Lesbians and Gay Men

An analysis of the impacts of discrimination on the levels of poverty and exclusion among LGB people in Ireland.

Publication Date: 1995, Combat Poverty Agency, Dublin

Equality Now for Lesbians and Gay Men, ICCL

A campaigning document for the equal treatment and civil rights of lesbian and gay people.

Publication Date: 1990