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Community Services

LGBT Ireland
(01) 6859280

(01) 873 4999

021 480 8600

Gay Project Cork
021 430 0430

Dundalk Outcomers
042 932 9816

GOSHH Limerick
061 314354


National LGBT Helpline
1800 929 539

(01) 8721055

The Samaritans
Freephone 116-123

Note on Terms used on the website

The laws being considered for the Disregard scheme criminalised men who had sexual relationships with other men, whether they identified as gay, bisexual, men who had relationships with men, queer, or didn’t identify in this way at all.

Those laws, while they didn’t directly criminalise sex between women, did have a huge impact on lesbian and bisexual women and women who had relationships with women. These laws and other laws – such as vagrancy and public order laws – extended to criminalising other ordinary aspects of same-sex relationships – holding hands, kissing, displays of affection etc. – and they impacted on people who were trans. Much further research is needed into how trans people were policed and under what legislation.

Collectively, these laws created a hostile environment for people who might now identify as LGBTIQA+. Throughout this site, the term LGBT+ is used to refer to all people who were directly and indirectly impacted, and to the communities to which they belong.